Monday, May 01, 2006

Easter Weekend

Easter Sunday saw Daryl, Chris, Dave and Gav in Friston Forest. It had been raining all Saturday and as such the majority of the downhills were greasy and just a tad hairy!! After a few attempts, some jumping and a long search for a mystical bombhole which had been trashed we finished the riding with a blitz down to the pub (Not so much of a blitz for Daryl due to a puncture a 1/4 of the way down!) where Dave to his delight found the Hungry Monk Reastaurant, 'The Birthplace of Banoffi Pie'

In an attempt to better the previous days activities on Easter Monday Chris, Dave, Gav, Daryl, Amy and Gemma headed to Harrison's Rock for the first outdoor climb of the year. Following the sharp realisation that we couldn't climb the first route described as 'slippery and unclimable' in the guide, we moved on to have some good climbs including the aptly named 'Hell Wall' (Difficult start according to the guide.....Chris!!), some falls and a fun day out for all.

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