Sunday, May 21, 2006

20/5/06 Chicksands








What with a awful weather forcast and a general trend towards saving petrol money, we scratched our original idea of riding at Afon in Wales and opted for the slightly drier and much closer, Chicksands! This also served as a group introduction for Neil and considering he's only riden mtb once before, we really threw him in at the deep end, but he handled it really well. We'll have you bombing down stuff before you know it! It was still a bit wet, but we had a good blast around with some good runs on the dual course and some nice trail runs too. Have posted some pics of a few guys riding the dual much better than us - one of them we'd bumped into before at Swinley when Mike was being gay and not dropping anything. Situation normal, there, then!

I was very excited as I had just got a new full face, in preparation for Morzine. Spesh Deviant - amazingly light weight and breezy, it really didn't feel any different to normal. Stoked!

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