Tuesday, March 14, 2006

J's Band!

Have been to see Mr Newton in action, was accurately descibed by the lead singer as being 'a bit edgy, but your Mum'd like him', brilliant.

Check out the links section for their website, upcoming gigs etc, with brakeforcake support we'll have you at number one in no time.

Buy the single.............................. go on try it,you might like it.



the wince said...

dude, whats the url for j's band?

i agree whole-heartwearedly said...

Jay x Cheers boys. We are supporting the legendary Fall on thursday night a reading fez club. Time ti sh@it ourselves! xJ

_zen said...

is this J as in John Newton!!! Or is this J from Colch / Reading? If so, where can we download them empee3s? The Heartwear Process eh... I'd like to check them out.