Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bracknell Ride

Couple of weeks back we sneaked out for a spin at Bracknell as neither Daryl or I have been there for ages. It was a good opportunity to get Jay out for a shred as he's just round the corner, but hasn't got a bike. The 456 was thrown back in to off road mode and off we went...

The riding was good as ever and it was great to ride the shuttle runs in the back edge of the park as the drainage seems to have been sorted. Jay did really well for his first go at mountain biking. All good. I should qualify that the gully jumps were REALLY wet and greasy and pretty unrideable.

More Mountain Biking Videos

I'm going to take the Remedy frame to my LBS for warranty action on Monday. Here are the pics of the failure - it sea s as if a weld has given way.

This looks as if it was the spot the weld gave at.


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