Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Epic Forsest...

Did I say EPIC?! Erm Epping. Definately not that epic, unfortunately. Gav and I hit up the cycle leg action in a muddy stylee round the Chigwell massive last Sunday. I'd read a bit about Epic before we went, to get the lie of the and, so to speak. The lie, it was obvious, was flat, but considering the last time I was there I saw a Buggatti Veyron, I was prepared to be open mounded. However, as much as you can be nice about this, it is essentially called 'mountain biking' and what we mostly encountered was flat, wet, London clay which had been worked into a frenzy of Somme-like gloup on the sinletracks we found.

That said, it was good to get out, horizons new and all, and see Gav's new Dowgma. Pretty sweet, but not as eager as the on one, it has to be said. Cracking bike for G-star though and I think he will do well on that as his lungs get better!!!

Crazy tree action:

oh and this gem. Chigwell has it all, including a Chromag Audi...

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