Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hadleigh farm 2012 track

2012 track

So i finally got my backside out on the Kona for the first time since moving to southend. I only had a couple of hours so i thought i'd go check out where the new tracks are being built for London 2012. South essex isn;t known for its hills and theres been a lot of chatter about W(hy)TF is it being done here?

It's being sculpted out of the hills on Hadleigh Farm and reviews from some riders say its pretty good and that photos don't do its steepness in places any justice.

Anyway, this photo doesn't do it justice but there is no point in going checking it out as this is as close as i could get. and the ride i went on was a boggy waste of time.

And christ alive am i unift.

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