Tuesday, September 14, 2010

South and out.

Just re-surfaced from a week long trip with the family down to Bormes to relax and spend some time with Steffi's folks for her Birthday. Amazing weather all week, with the exception of an amazing storm on the Tuesday night. All in all, very enjoyable and Monty has grown visibly!


Steffi's brother, wife and little munchkin were out too, and I managed to fit in a few blasts on a bike - All road this year as the Marin has been repatriated by Steffi's other brother. Boo. My steed this time up was a (fiveish year old?) steel Decathalon hardtail with non existent front forks, although they looked suspiciously like they were supposed to move... Heavy as sin and shakey at speed. Anyway, its all about the riding and I put in a 45km loop up in the hills above Bormes one afternoon and saw literally no-one except some olds playing petonc at a junction - only in France...

Then on Wednesday, Peter and I headed out an did a bigger ride, clocking about 70km in three hours, with 500m of climbing and some stiff winds. I really enjoyed it and we had to play the slipstream game on some of the flat bits. Very good.

Steffi's B'day we went to L'allmanar, a world class (apparently) wind surf spot, and I would have had a go, but it was BUSY and WINDY!! Not the best conditions for learning...

Tan is already fading fast.

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