Monday, September 06, 2010

Dry Again, Friday, Pompey...

Friday saw a little trip down to QE near Pompey for a bit of ragging about, dusty style. I've ridden QE once before and conditions couldn't have been different. The first time was winter, it was wet, you LITERALLY couldn't see the trails for leaves and it was so slidey on my sand tyres, that I two-wheel drifted everywhere, much to the amusement of Daryl. Friday was DRY and fast although, just as drifty, it turned out!

Sun was out.

Jez hits a line in the trees.

In the dry, the chalk turns into little balls and gives you the pine cone effect that we get up here - ie unpredictable berms! All good though, except for how unfit I was feeling. Slow on the ups but managed to keep up with Daryl and hit everything on spec on the downs. Almost had an interesting stack on a step down that I overcooked, but got away with it! Daryl and Jez took me over to the 'Farm', a ghetto little valley of felled trees and sketchy gravel/mud surface. It was good and had some interesting lines in it but we couldn't session as time was against us. Flat out and fast as you like back to the car - I LOVE that final run there.

Farm bermmm. Ghetto.

This is the bigger step down after the berm above, not sure how you go about connecting it to the landing as its sooo tight.

Jez taking in the farm...

_DAV0081 - Version 2
Farm stepdown

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