Friday, April 17, 2009

Running is fun.

Fun Run. Thats fun. What Daryl and I did last on the Fri bank holiday was far away from that. We converged on Windsor Castle in very skimpy shorts and broke free down the Long Walk for a killer loop that saw us take in all sorts of wooded delights, one or two too many inclines and a gang of deer...

We got a bit lost and our intended route was 14 miles on the dot, but we ended up doing 15.5 miles and neither of us had a watch, so I don't know what the timings were. Poor show, I know. Anyway, both our groins packed in and the poor sods that were visiting Windsor had to witness us limping through town, bearing far too much thigh whilst soaked in rain and sweat, before changing in the multi-story carpark, which drew some very long stares from be-rangerovered mums.

In other exploits, I've been getting back out on the bike as there are people to ride with here in MK now that Jon's bought a new Kona rig and we are trying to ride at Woburn and Bow as much as pos. Pics will be back when the camera is put into commission.

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