Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Air time



Having spent much time windsurfing snowboarding and a bit of time mountain biking, one tends to get some air. I have pushed it with the snowboarding this year with the hungarian flatmate Matays who is just a little crazy and doesnt have so much regard for personla safety We have dropped some silly things. Cliffs windlips houses whatever can be found. Must say mostly only in powder as a stack early on in the season left me with a useless arm for 3 days.


jump morz

Getting air for me is one of the best bits of the sport. Those few seconds when you are 10 foot above things and have a chance to look at the ground/ water and think S**t im a long way off the ground is one of the best feelings in my opinion. Surrounded by amazing settings this is what its all about for me.


matays just before dropping the satelight on the last powder day of the season.

Having had one last powder day. The descion was made between Matayas and I that we wanted bigger air. Something like 1000m and instead of a a few seconds air time how about 10 minutes. Bring on the parapante course.

Running off the side of a mountain with a large parachute strapped to your back is a pretty big rush especialy when its a solo flight and never havig done anything like it before. Two flights done now. Next step learn about thermals and instead of just gliding down catch the air up like a bird and stay higher for longer. Bring it on.

Due to snowboarding, windsurfing, surfing or parapanting not being included in ibrakeforcake at no time during these activities was any cake eaten during brakes! But thought I would let you know what goes on any way!

take off 1

take off 2

cake could be eaten during these activities!

catered and self catered holidays in the french alps

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