Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oh Bugger...

Have been riding midweek recently with Jon, down at Woburn, enjoying the light in the evening and the rather fine and sunny weather that we have been experiencing! Lots has been built down there lately and we've been having a blast.

During a reasonably tame trail section, I was very surprised when I heard a 'ting' on a small drop down and then the rear end of my bike fell away over the next jump... Turned out I've destroyed the weld on my rear swingarm and it snapped! Even worse, I've since found out the Spesh don't warrenty this part as they consider it suspension related! Adam is coming to the rescue, but I'm a bit peeved, to say the least...


Anyway, I was set to ride today, so hired a Trek Remedy from my LBS and was thoroughly impressed. Barring a few minor tweaks so it would be set up as I liked (Shorter stem, less upsweapt and wide bars) and it would be pretty awesome trail machine.


Having said that, it didn't feel as solid as the Enduro, having what I can only describe as a 'plasticy' feel that I put down to the lighter build spec. Very chuckable though and it also felt fast on the ups and downs. The Lyrik fork was quite awesome, basically and I want one!

I rode with Jon, who has recently re-entered the riding scene with a Kona Stinky custom build that he is loving and Stu, one of Rob Bowles' friends from Uni - rob was scuppered by a knackered rear mech. Sun was out and it was nice to have a chilled trail/sesh ride, stopping off here and there for some photos, cake and jumping off little things.



Putting the Remedy through the jumps...

Stu does it properly with added gurn.

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