Sunday, March 15, 2009


Well, that was fun! Probably the hardest thing I've done in the physical stakes for a very long time - the fact that I've only been able to run for three weeks was a slight hindrance, but thoroughly enjoyable all round and very chuffed to have done my first half marathon! Ant and I kept a reasonable pace together - slightly slower than we'd have liked from the start - and he then slowly pulled away from me. We both saw Steffi en route which was a big boost. Faye ran at her slightly slower natural pace and we all had respectable times. Ant came in in 1hr54, whilst I managed 2hrs and 4 mins (absolutely beat and at the end of my energy) and Faye came in on 2hrs 17, I think. Bit achy now but well pleased and knee/heel played ball..

That fence is keeping me upright.

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Style Slave said...

dave, one of your legs looks very fat compared to the other! what kinda training have you been doing?