Sunday, March 01, 2009

Back on th bike!

Its got a bit milder this week and my mate from MK, Dave 'Dubs' Wilson has just bought a new bike to see if he likes the riding lark, after taking a back seat from high speed and dangerous skiing...


He got a Patriot, more from a financial perspective than anything else (as they are dirt cheap) and whilst not the best trail bike, it will get him started. So anyway, we headed out for a chilled little pedal at Woburn to test the new steed and see if my collar bone is up to riding again! Because its a big bike, I forgot that Dubs is new to all this and blatted off down some of the short downhills with the advice of 'don't go off the drops'. Dubs did admirably well but best enjoyed a nice bit of trail that we rode after the downhills. Orange 5 is what this lad needs!


Good to be out again and glad that I've not lost it all completely. Went for a big-ish (for me) run this morning as the Silverstone Half Marathon is a week next Sunday and the training is just about scraping together! Felt absolutely beat after it, but managed just over 8 miles in 1hr 17mins with coaxing from Ant. Knee is quite painful still...

My poor feet, about to hurt!

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