Monday, March 09, 2009

one of the many powder days Morzine

This season has been amazing. It just seems that every two weeks we have fresh dump of snow giving us many many powder days. Because of this I have been hiking alot to get to powder fields and have not been riding on pist at all. Sweet.

the long hike up chezeri

ish and rob


Fiding people that ride with trasevers here is a bit of a problem but the hikes continue anyway.

The colur photos are from about two weeks ago and the sepa ones from saturday. I have put them on as they are the same peaks we hiked up to various levels.

we are beat

yeah fresh lines

On saturday we decided to go for the 3 peaks hike. Started off on the starwars run though the trees with a couple of medium sized drops thrown in. Straight after was the 20 min hike to the top of satelght wich gives a good open powder field, nice and steep and then though a gully and trees down to the chatel car park. Very nice indeed with a big drop at the start.

Onwards and upward to the hidden vally. Was pretty tracked out but fun none the less. Quick coffee stop the bubble and chair to the top where we saw a small avalanche created by some snowboarders. Decsion made lets hike to the top! Only 10 mins and another nice steep face to go down. Quite humbleing when there is still snow falling down where you have come from when everyone was gathered at the bottom.

the ridge that took an hour to hike

Last hike took over an hour to get to the top. Little sketchy, made worse by the fact th clouds came in half way up. Very strange when all you can see is white. As we reached the top the gods smiled and it cleared giving us a nice big face to come all the way down to the linderette bowl for a beer and a sneaky bofti at the ice bar.


Had to sleep all day today as legs didnt work anymore. Its been snowning all day againg so bring on tomorrow for mre of the same.

catered and self catered holidays in the french alps

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