Saturday, November 01, 2008

Peaky and Cold

On Thursday I had to drive up to Manchester for work so I decided to make the most of my altitude, have Friday off work and go riding with Jez who resides up here. After the excitement of seeing Bryan Adams live at the MEN arena on Thursday night (very, very random but free and strangely entertaining!!), Jez and I headed out to Ladybower Reservoir in the Peak District.


Firstly it was bloomin cold with a lot of ice and a bit of snow on the tops, so I donned the bib knickers and off we set. We did a big loop up and over 3 peaks and back down the other side. The first climb was steep and saw us off the bikes and on foot fairly quickly, we then traversed across between peat bogs and icy puddles and got covered in mud. Onto the first downhill which was a real challenge trying to pick the way between big boulders and peat bogs, which much to my amusement Jez did not quite manage towards the end, and fortunately I had the camera out ready to snap him coming down-superb over the bars moment-see pic....

looking good

ooopps over he goes

like a cat

We then crossed the reservoir by the weir and took a wrong turn up and onto the steepest track up the next peak!! We could have turned back but instead in true English Gent fashion carried on regardless which saw us shouldering our bikes up the steep rooty and wet climb! The next traverse across took us through the heather and onto the old roman road which made for a good descent and saw me suffer the same front wheel in bog, over the bars quickly type dismount! On through to a cracking rocky descent through the woods which tested the suspension to the max and past some cross country boys who quickly dissapeared from the known universe, another climb and a similar fast downhill took us back to the car park, a quick hose off of the bikes, a cup of soup and some hideous sights for the poor people trying to enjoy the views of the reservoir on a Friday afternoon, as we bared our white asses in a hasty change out of cold wet muddy keks.





A quality ride which served as a great introduction to the winter to come, and a nice change to ride some proper hills.

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