Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cold weather. Good Fun.

What ho. Have managed to squeeze in a good dose of riding this weekend in the biting cold wind and sleet! Saturday I hooked up with Rob B for a sesh at Chicksands where the wind in the car park nearly made me pack up and go home, whilst waiting for the Polo of death to arrive. Apparently Rob has a sweet modification that allows you to hit all three pedals at once...

It was dry and early. After a few warm up runs, we had a bit of a play on the less scary wooden stuff and hit some of the kickers. I managed to ride the drop off/kicker at the bottom of the wall ride and Rob did some of the gappy shore stuff. Very good.

Then it was on to the 4x. I'd not ridden it before and had a bit of trouble getting to grips with things, but Rob was loving it and getting well involved. Next to the Dual and pump races. Turns out I'm about as fast a Rob if I pedal or not. Hmmm. Was fun though and the left line is definitely slower!

Anyway. Sunday saw overnight snow and a full on rain assault. Proper nasty, but I hooked up with Bob and the wonder bus in Dorking for a bit of Leith action. Wet and muddy style.

Mud Love
Not my best angle...

It was a bit cold and savage and after a few trails, we decided to session the awkward little jump pictured below, before retiring to dry pants and ale...



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