Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bye Bye

Chris and Kates' party... They are off soon and so to to help send them on their way and celebrate their engagement, we had a few drinks and got told off for playing loud music at 4am by Kate's dad. Brilliant! We're not responsible adults after all! Nice one everyone. Wicked party Mr and Mrs T and very good marquee action, all round...

Gav sums it up nicely.

Clan Lawler. Quite a lot of orange going on here.



Kate's brother, Dave, had been drinking...

I've found RICH!!!! He IS alive and near a buffet! We asked a giant to document the scenario.

Bob and I made a pact to go fishing. Should be exciting! Also, as I write this, its snowing! Quite early in the year?!

After the OMM 'tragedy' last weekend, I had a conversation with Daryl about how the media know nothing about what they are reporting and they only want to sensationalise everything. Anyway, good to get both sides of the story - this is what the OMM dudes said, themselves. D and I fancy having a crack at one of these next year, cripes...


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