Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lawler allowed out to play... For the last time?

Wotcha. The spell of uncharacteristically warm October weather (20 degrees according to my car) was pounced upon on Saturday, riding with Daryl and Chris, and also Rob and Mark from our far distant past, in Colchester.

We hooked up in Peaslake for a confectionery tour of Surrey, headed by Mark's need to refuel on flapjack and tea every 20 mins (possibly a good tactic as he was pedaling at the end when I could only walk...), taking in bits of the trails on Holmbury, Box and Leith hills - I think.


Mark eyes up another pastry...

Whatever, it was not a huckfest, surprisingly, just wicked trails, and a good way to spend the day with Chris before he heads out to Morzine - lucky git.

Nice one everyone. Good to get out, as it seems there has been far too little of that going on recently. What has happened to Rich? Are you out there, Posh one?

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