Thursday, February 14, 2008


This year has started with a few major kit purchases and as all IBFC peeps likes the shiny things in life, people are collecting and eying up some rather special purchases. Rich wants a Macpac bag, I want one of those spangly zip down the front Grivel jobbies, Chris has his eye on a Chalet and after buying a Frostline Moutain Equipment down Bag and some new winter boots, Finter is not allowed to buy anything more for Lent! I added heavily to my kit bag over Christmas, with some excellent gifts and purchases, from the TK maxx bargain of the Big Wall Berghaus salopettes (for which I am being mercilessly ribbed, but they were just too good to leave!), new B2 boots, a new Vaude jacket and a Rab Vapour Rise soft shell, as well as replacement gloves for my holey Lowe Alpines...

Image from Rab's website:

Its these that concern me, as I replaced these base layer gloves with, what I thought were an absolutely excellent purchase in the Rab power stretch glove. Warm, amazingly good fit and with nice big Rab logos so I look better than I am! But some one mentioned to me recently that Rab's manufacturing standards have dipped a little since they moved to China and I'd have to agree, as within two months both gloves have developed a stitching failure and I've sent them back.... I just hope that the soft shell jacket that is really warm and I love, doesn't suffer the same problems.

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