Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Brecons Again

With our New Years resolution of personally funding the Severn Bridge in mind gem and I decided we had better make another trip to Wales, destination-Brecon Beacons.

With llyn y Cellyn YHA booked up again, following a pleasant stay last time-we headed for the Black Mountain on Saturday morning for our planned route up to Fan y Brecheiniog, this being the highest point of the Black Mountain. Upon arriving captain navigation aka Finter managed to succesfully send us both up the wrong track, only to then decide it would be much better to cross country back onto course rather than face the shame of walking back to the carpark. It was clear and sunny after all! Couldn't be easier-all we've got to do is head over there, well apart from the gauze bushes and river that is. With some splendid back country behind us we got back onto what was a bit of a tourist track, but with a bit of grunt we put that behind us and got out onto the hillside where things quietened down a bit and we enjoyed the stunning views along the ridgeline. Our route took us up to the to and then back down a lesser travelled track where we saw not a soul until reaching the carpark again at the end of the day. Most notable was the presence of some bloomin great Red Kites which I was most impressed with but Gem failed to photograph with her mole like reactions!!

We then spent an eveining in the YHA with shall we say-a very interesting bunch of characters before packing up for our Sunday route up Fan Y Big...

This was more of a Sunday stroll than anything being a very friendly incline but with the Sun beaming and absolutely stunning views it was fantastic. We even found what seemed to passers by to be an amazing spot to stop for cake-little did they know we were just cop outs following a route in Trail which even suggested the perfect spot to stop for lunch.....of course we nodded smugly when people passed by our grassy knoll and said-"nice spot".....all our own idea you see!

nice lake

Gem-Fan Foel

Fan Foel

mmmm arty

lunch spot

diving board

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