Monday, February 25, 2008

Auron and Isola 2000.

Sun. Much Sun!



Last week, Steffi and I met up with her parents Joy and Jerry, for a week of Skiing in the Alps Maritimes resort of Auron, with a day over at Isola 2000 for good measure. Steffi was on her new Burnin' Luv K2s which were aparently amazing and she definitely improved in confidence through the week, mostly skiing reds and a few black runs too... I had a blast and did as much jibbing and falling over as I could - even with the crunchy off piste conditions, I managed to have some fun and one or two soft tree runs next to the pistes and got in a few runs through the snowpark. Mostly we sped around, though, hammering as fast as we could and terrorising people, which was very satisfying.


It was French Half Term, so busier than normal, but it also meant entertainment and we were treated to two firework displays, night skiing, a jump competition viewable from our apartment and all sorts of other extravaganzas... No-one hurt themselves which was good and J+J had some nice relaxed runs to keep their toes in.... Excellent.




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