Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hellvelyn Shambles er I mean Scrambles

Never have the forces of nature and the law of sod combined so effectivley with a higher than usual perpancity for faffing to result in a background of utter organisational chaos from which we managed to rescue a mighty fine weekend.

Despite the entire English media attempting to convince us that waking within a 4 mile radius of Hevellyn or the surrounding area would result in certain death or dismemberment we rocked up to very good visibility and low winds with a scattering of snow on the last bits of the ridge and summit.

Rich, almost indistinguishable from his natural surroundings, blending effortlessly
into the background

Rich on striding edge on the way up, not the most technical or scary scramble we've done but well worth the trip, presence of more snow would have made things a bit spicier.

Daryl 'not so indistinguishable-sonic blue boom' Finter


Daves pauses to digest another Ranulph Fiennes fact from Rich, 50% of climbers die on unstable
snow packs.........................................

One of the patches of snow just before the summit on the striding edge side, swiral edge itself actually had more of a covering of unavoidable snow with the top 40-50ft requiring a bit of thought over foot placement.

Car's borken, a*se
Car's broken, a*se.
One broken car on the way to Great Gable, the law of sod carefully arranged for this to occur on the steepest and most remote road in England, HardKnott Pass, excellent

Can you tell whats going on, because we've patented this idea and we'll be sending the boys round.

Waiting for the AA with nothing but tea, Gavs monumental supply of food, Family Guy on teh iphone, surround sound................the perils of Lake District adventure. Still, scuppered any walking plans woth teh shortest route 3.5 hours and 3 hours of light remaining after the car was fixerated, quick change of plans and back to Sheff for a spott of climbing.

Climbing pics to follow

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