Thursday, January 17, 2008

Gay Paris

Having purchased ourselves a spanking new Nikon D40X for Christmas both me and the woman have both decided we've got Bailey licked and Branfield doesn't stand a not.

Spent 3 days beating Paris with the tourist stick and got along the Seine, in the Louvre around the Notre Dame up the Eiffel Tower and round the Montmartre whilst taking photos every 5 paces. We rocked up onto the Trocedero at about 10.30 and chugged wine till midnight when the tower lit up and we dodged a champagne cork delugue from everyone else watching.

Saw an amazing amount even if we didn't have a massive amount of time and I discovered that travelling by metro and not falling over when under the influence of several carrafs of wine becomes easier if tied to the train by your scarf.

big shiny thing
Big ole' shiny tower thingy

Going up?

alright luv
Champane glasses and posh bubbly a go go.

windmill in the head
Yikes!! Windmill in the head!

on the river
Ahhh, innit pretty

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