Sunday, January 13, 2008


Lots has happened recently - we had a cracking New Year at Jen's Mum's place in Colchester, I went clay pigeon shooting with John L and Andy (who used to work at the studio) at Andy's Dad's place in Leicestershire which was ace. Also Chris and I had a good blast out on the steeds at Leith the other weekend - we were surprised at how busy it was and to see a few lads out on full on DH rigs, mirror goggles, the works. Makes me wonder what we've missed, but probably, as normal, nothing that requires that level of bounce! Need to be out more as I managed to fall off in truly amazing style going down the bank to the tin shed. Oh dear... All good events and no piccies through amazing amounts of laziness. Bum. Cars have been conspiring against all of us - particularly me and Chris - but this didn't stop Daryl and Gem who have been away this weekend... Good stuff.

With the snow looking good, I can't wait to get up to the Lakes for three days with everyone this coming weekend and be 'captain new' with all my sale purchases, gunna be cold and fashionable! Oh and there's 180cm (40 of it ffffresh) in Auron, where Steffi and I are in 5 weeks time! Hope it stays. Woop!

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