Sunday, September 10, 2006

Swinley Visit

We rode at Swinley forset today after no hours sleep and recovering from the audio-visual assault of a night out in a Milton Keynes night club. Wicked time and thanks to everyone that turned up to Steffi's Birthday... As all gatherings are an excuse to ride, Mike and I drove down to Bracknell with a short stop in Tring for Mike to buy a Triumph Spitfire (!), as you do and a very nice example it is too. I had been getting very worried that there was a distinct feel of autumn comming on, but Sunday was just like June and the trails were fast and dusty and just what we needed. Daryl was had invited along two mates, Gareth a more regular rider and Dan who was less experienced, but both really up for it and with Swinley's all accomodating nature, everyone had a great time on the trails and gully jumps. Daryl and I finally plucked up the courage to drop into the side of the gully which was absolutely nothing and everyone had a good blast on the jumps. Impressed with Gareth and even captain slow showed some style!

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