Friday, September 29, 2006

Medic! Medic!

As is usual for me before any big trip (ie P2B!) I have injured myself in some special way. Climbing last night I partially dislocated my left knee which has caused some ACL damage according to the hospital! I need to go back to my GP in a few days time so they can asses the damage when the swelling has subsided! Mike cheered me up though, with the promise of an operation, 6 weeks off work and a six MONTH recovery period. DAMN!!! As I'm a bit bored already, I thought that I might instigate some 'Sweet days of Yor' photos - ie any pictures that the IBFC have knocking around of them in action as nippers! I'm thinking that shot of Ben doing the worlds biggest x-up gap should be aired, Adam! Here's me age 17, 9stone ;p and taking it to the edge in a West Mersea carpark!



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