Sunday, September 24, 2006










We rode at PORC on Saturday, as we were all getting togethrer to celebrate Chris' birthday, it seemed the right thing to do. Bit of a mixed bag, really - I'd allways been led to believe that PORC was the nuts and Mike, Daryl and Adam whod all ridden there some years earlier were making all the right noises, but we spent the first hour and a half actually looking for fabled berm runs and 'sweet drops' that had all just been let to go to pieces. Looks like they're in the process of making changes, with the quarry being filled in to make a water pit for children to decapitate themselves trying backflips and some other bits and bobs here and there. We had a bit of a blast on the 4x and I was really annoyed not to clear the bridge (I was miles of!) as I didn't commit to connecting the triple that sets you up for it. Nice one Daryl for showing me how its done... There were one or two runs that were quite nice and Daryl and I had a blast on a sandy double at the top of one of the runs, with two blokes who were styling it much nicer than us! See pics. I don't think Adam liked anything except the dirt jumps which the rest of us hit with our trademark DJ stylee - ie crap...

Good day out in the end and set us up nicely for a wicked birthday shinding in Brighton.

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