Sunday, June 12, 2011

Skye-bit late!!

Hear me now!

Awesome trip up to Isle of Skye with Itzi for a week of TGO!

Epic drive saw me getting all excited so up at crack of dawn on the first morning and a walk/scramble up the North West Ridge of Bruach na Frithe. Beautiful sunny day and a nice grade 1 scramble allowed Itzi to find her mountaineers feet and meant I got up on the Cuillin Ridge-can't wait to do the whole thing now!!

Climbers on the Bastier Tooth-Cuillin Ridge

Itzi in tourist mode on the way back down!

Second day and I was still full of beans so we set off on the mountain bikes to see MacCloeds Maidens. I thought it would be a long walk, hence the bikes but it turned out to be a bit too rocky and uphill in parts so we shelved the bikes halfway through-not much chance of getting nicked round these parts. Which meant they were up the top ready to roll for the downhill-quality!

Itzi checking out the view

After all that exertion the sun was still beaming hard so we went to the Coral beach, which was amazing-white with clear water. Shame it was bloomin freezing! Oh and Itzi fell over and cut her knee-on the beach of all places!


Nice bit of pub dinner at the Stein Inn and whiskey back at the cottage sorted that one out!

Next day we thought we'd take it steadier so we got on Seamus' boat from Elgol to Loch Coruisk via a load of seals chilling on rocks. The Loch was absolutely amazing and wet my appetite even more for the ridge proper. Also a great view of Dubh's Ridge which is definately on the ticklist


Next day off to the Quirang-again amazing and then the business in the afternoon.....


The Old Man of Storr had been beckoning since I saw it on earthed 4. Almost ran up to the top with my bike I was so excited. Got a bit nervy as a few of the stepped rocks looked quite big coming up, but got on with it and it was amazing. one of the best 5 minute downhill runs I have done bar none. definately worth doing and possible straight from the main road!


After all that excitement all that was left was to have a relaxing rain day-which is what we got! So a brief walk in the rain up to The Fairy pools and then a tour of the Talisker distillery rounded it off nicely!!

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