Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dorset-Easter climbing

Easter Weekend saw brilliant sunshine and me and Itzi popped down to Dorset for a lead climbing crash course for the Spanish one!!

Got down to Hedbury on the first day and after a couple of interest moves with the rope Itzi soon got the hang of it-certified expert!

We hooked up with some other guys-very friendly and got a few good climbs in, nothing too hard but fun nonetheless;

Daryl on Goddam Sexual Tyrannosaurus 5+


also climbed New Age New Style, Very Ordinary Route, Another Contribution, Moral Flexibility and Sea View

Next Day we headed to portland, The Cuttings and it was actually too hot! We had fun though and Itzi managed to climb Eat, Stick and Die, Charity Work Mate and Bonsai. I struggled on some savagely polished 5ish route which wasn't in my old guide before deciding I had heat stroke!!!

Had a nice chilled out day on Monday and walked along the coast route from Kimmeridge Bay towards Lulworth followed by lunch in a lovely cove-again boiling hot-amazing

Itzi taking a well earned swig!

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