Tuesday, November 14, 2006









Sorry everyone, quite unusually, I've been really busy, but the pics are finally here! We went for a ride down at Bedgeburry, the new Forrestry Comission site in Kent at the weekend which was good/a mission/a nightmare depending on who you were...

Bob had come to mine on a flying visit whilst back from Corsica before heading off next week to the Alps for the season (Absolute B*stard!) and we did the unbeleivable mission from MK down to Kent with almost gracefull ease. Didn't get lost at all! Chris and the Brighton Crew were already there and had done one loop of the trail by the time we arrived and so we got stuck into the freeride bit which turned out to be great fun - if not a little scary as I don't love the shore and I'm feeling a bit rusty after my knee. All the others got stuck in though and the see-saws and roll ins saw some action whilst Adam tried to boardslide his enduro... I had less luck as it turns out that I'd blown my brand new DHX Air 5 which I didn't discover until we were about to set off, rubbish. Thats two very expensive shocks in 3 months, I must be fatter than I thought, or very unlucky. Bob did himself proud considering he'd left his steed under a chalet in Chamonix and hasn't been riding that much and everyone else had a good blast round the loop, whilst I tried to peddle and steer my low-rider enduro whilst knackering my back and grounding my pedals every 2 seconds! Geometry really does make a difference it would appear!

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