Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Afan XC Whippets

Introducing a whole load of new people to the ibrakeforcake collective....

Dom's head isn't really that big

From left to right - Dom (sporting shades straight from Milan), Nick, LL Cool Mike, Chris, Tom, Phil.

A most excellent long weekend to wet welsh Wales, staying in a superb little log cabin right at the top of the final descent of The Wall. We all rocked up pretty late on Friday night, I travelled with Phil in his 80s superbeast Porsche 944. The bikes strapped to the back may have comprimised the aerodynamics somewhat but still a very smooth ride.

Saturday got off to a true ibrakeforcake start with Phil locking his keys, and my bike wheels, in his car. While the others went off to do the Skyline, Phil and I waited for the Autoglass man to arrive. When all was sorted we had a good hack at The Wall as it was too late to join the Skyline action, although of course I would have won given the chance.

Sunday morning we hit White's Level, where it was clear that a couple of months of accelerated kebab consumption in London has done nothing for my already embarrassing climbing prowess, and in the afternoon it was The Wall. Phil had a bit of an encounter with the ground but we had fun bashing his chainring back into shape with rocks. I only did half of the course as I nipped back to the cabin to get the curry going (read: drink beer and not have to climb any more hills) so that Nick and Chris could head back east to the world of work.

And finally on Monday was the Penhydd trail, quite a lot of fire-road but an equal amount of sweet technical traily stuff, especially the Hidden Valley which was full of folkloresque type magic pixie ancient woodland style.

A very successful extreme adventure indeed.

I might buy some SPDs. But the lycra can wait.

Nick at Mach II

How many architects/designers/engineers does it take to fix a bike? All of them.

The team mock Mike's carrying technique

International man of action

Hey laydeez!

Tom looking scared

Big Bad Dom

I made those

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