Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Radio silence is broken!

Its been a veeeeery long time since I posted anything on the old ibfc, which is tragic! Life has been bust this year, but I've had plaenty of adventures as we all have. It appears that blogging time is squeezed when running companies and chasing toddlers! I've got a free patch coming up with some time for walking and catching up, so I shall sort some posts out from our adventures this year... In the mean time you can see some of our skiing and snowboarding adventures on the alpine highs blog!

Here's a pic that Michael at Cuttin Edge Solutions took the other day. This was from a trip to Chamonix which might just have been the best single track riding I have ever done. That's quite a big claim, but with 25 minute descents on ribons of completely smooth then technical track, all taken at mach ten and a large penalty for overshooting the switchbacks, I think it might just be justified!


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