Thursday, December 16, 2010

30 Somethings..

I forgot to stick this up, so am doing so now... A few of us are the big 3 - 0 this December and Wingstock rolled into town to help us all celebrate and hook up. Really good to see everyone and catch up with some folks that we haven't seen for absolutely ages. We must be mellowing as the chicken was HOT, but edible and no-one went into anaphalactic shock.


That said, I came out in a rash. Anyway. It was a close run thing, but Gav and Jen clinched the Coq and take the party to Southend next time. Also celebrating were Daryl, Rich, me and Gav - with Finter organising a Pompey style live music event for his, that I really wished we had been able to go to. Looking forward to hookking up at Crimbo, Colchster style and hoping everyone has a good one.


My sis made me a sweet cake!

On a side note, I received a pair of Fox winter gloves from Daryl and I'll review them for my Renaud afflicted limbs after a few rides...

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