Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Life Cycles Premiere

I'd been waiting for this one for ages and it the cherry on a hanging out with mates, er, cake. Chris and Kate were over and Daryl and Itzi met us down in Southend, to see Gav and Jen's new pad and hang out, drink wine and catch up. Excellent to see everyone, and nice for the lads to hang out too.

It was nice to hang out by the coast and see how responsible people are with Monty, whilst I was hungover!!!




We'd got Life Cycles premiere tickets and shot of into town, drank a beer, met some of the Goats and sat in a fully sold out cinema. Danny MacAskill's Red Bull short was on first and much better in large format, getting the audience gasps in all the right places... Then Vast, which I could have left. Some great shots, but a bit too many, too much TL mountains and riding that most f us could have done. ;p

About to be critical...

Then Life Cycles. Proper bo and I still can't believe how well it was filmed, it really is something different. Massive props to the guys involved and I think Daryl summed it up nicely, saying that although there wasn't tons of riding, it was the one film that made him want to get out and ride. Best flick in ages, I might even have to but an HD tv for that one...

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