Sunday, June 20, 2010

EPIC Peaslake.

Stu had been banging on at me to come down and ride as he'd found some new trails up the back hill away from BKB straigh outta P'lake. Weather, Rob and permission from Steffi meant it was on.

Stu has been guiding round here a bit and riding with the shop crew on Mondays, so has his eye in on the trails round these parts much better than we do - and he came up trumps. Some epic trails and flat out fast. Some bits quite steep and tech, too. All good. Nice on to Chris and Kate for last week's wedding (pics to come) and well done to Daryl for his off in France, requiring 9 stitches...







This track was proper steep in the top section, then opened up into a step down and a kicker. Niiiiiiiice.





Chiiiillll Winstaaan.

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