Sunday, May 02, 2010

San Sebastian Olidays

It's catch up time-yes I'm doing all my posts at once just to well and truly screw up the timeline!! haha

We have also just been on a lovely 2 weeker to Itzi's home town of San Sebastian. I must say I was very impressed-2 awesome beaches, 1 very clean, cultured and hip city, surrounding by mountains between 500 and 1400m resembling the lake district in appearance-Shame it's 400,000 for a 2 bed flat!

We had the Pompey crowd over for the easter weekend which mainly involved 5am nights out, loads of Ron and then mucking about on the beach. Even felt lively enough one day to get out on a board-which fairly quickly saw me frozen and full of water!! Me and Itzi then did a bit of biking, a bit of beaching, lots of eating and visiting friends and family followed by a jump off a cliff on the last day-strapped to Itzi's mate Musti and his parachute of course!!


thats me in the middle about to get munched-haha!!!!!!!!!



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