Tuesday, March 23, 2010

At last!!!

I haven't been riding my bike very much because most of the trails I've ridden so far in Hong Kong are difficult to get to and a little disappointing to ride - lots of concreted bits and steps. Plus I have become exceptionally lazy. However last Sunday I took my bike on the slow ferry to Lantau Island, about 50 mins from Hong Kong Island, in a last-ditched attempt to find some satisfying biking.

And it was excellent - woop and holler! The trail starts with a coastal path blast with lots of ups and downs, making for an excellent warm up. The trail proper is an 11km loop with lots of technical singletrack, some challenging downhill bits (well, challenging when you haven't ridden much for the last couple of years), and a nice fast final blast with little drops that can be taken a full pelt. Then it's back along the coastal path in time for the ferry. If I hadn't been sunburnt, dehydrated, suffering major cramp in my legs and ready to pass out, I would have been able to enjoy a cold refreshing beverage in the english-style pub too. Next time.

Freshly inspired, I've finally got an excuse to buy a new rear shock and give my aging steed a general tart-up. No pictures I'm afraid because I didn't take a camera - but yoy can picture it in your minds. Just think of Steve Peat in glasses and that pretty much sums it up.


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Anonymous said...

who's major cramp?