Friday, January 29, 2010

Road blast, walking and massive amounts of food...

Weekend trip down to Weston, in the new wheels was delayed slightly as a very ill Minou (Steffi and my cat/catperson) had us all worried. Liver infection or something similar and she was very jaundice and I actually thought the worst at one point. £170 later and she is better - as I write this a week later, I'm sure that the antibiotics have turned her into supercat as she is going nuts and meowing ALL he time...

Thought this suited.

I digress. We'd popped down to Weston as Linz was thirty recently and the girls tripped off to Bath Spa, whilst Anthony and I engaged in more manly pursuits. Anthony has managed to pick up himself his childhood dream titanium frame and 15 years later its still very much a lively beast! We had planned a proper ride, but instead, headed out on the road for a fast blast round his way with a few hills and bits of mud thrown in too.

Anthony was on his Trek hybrid road thingy and by god does it shift unless your going up anything steep, when the gearing on the internal hub isn't perfect, but I was very impressed with my blast, even on spd's and skate shoes - that timeless combo.


Ti beast. Not me, the bike.

Sunday saw me smuggled into a health and safety nightmare. Anthony had invited me to join some of his work colleagues on their first training walk for a three peaks attempt
- against his work's express instructions that no outsiders were allowed. The carpark standoff was a little tense, but I knew some of the lads from the 24/12 earlier last year, which helped a bit! Amazing walk which followed quite a lot of the MBR killer loop that Phil and I did many years ago in that neck of the woods. Great to be out and it didn't rain!

Lovely day.

Cheddar goats.

Now that is what I call a good end to a days walk!

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