Saturday, November 07, 2009

QE and Rogate!

Saturday saw us hook up at QE near Pompey for a ride round Daryl's local trails... if we could find them. Apparently a hurricane had been through during the week and whether or no that was actually the case, you couldn't see a bloody trail for the leaves! What was good about it was that wet leaves on technical chalk steepness means much out of controlness!!! Once you got the hang of it, it was awesome and full on. On several occasions I got into a two wheel drift and nearly every corner involved a foot out. There was some really nice tech downhills which really kept you on the ball, but we wanted more flow and after one final climb, we got one of those proper fast hit-it-on-spec trails that you can floor. Proper bo.

We were riding with Barney, Adam and Will, some of Sibley's mates, in one of those random phone-number-car-park hook ups. Sibley would have been there, but he got run over on his road bike, probably being rad. Hope the knee is getting better, Stu.

After we hit QE it was off to Rogate for jumps an ting. I want to go back and join in the fun. More on that later... The vid below is of the Double that was being sessioned and the big boost (bad shot, sos) is quite BIG. We'll be back for that one at some point!



Dude boosting the big un


Adam's warface.


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