Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Last days of summer...

Ohhh no how depressing! Well it was the bank holiday and I did finally manage to get out and ride for once even if original plans went ary...

Jon and I managed to find a new local trail which I'm sure we will document shortly and then on Monday, hooked up with Rob in the Bunting strewn Peaslake for a last summer blast.


It was really dry and hot and we ended up doing a massive loop with various sessions at opportune spots...


We also found some new bits and enjoyed it all...

This was the drop down that it took me ages to do with Chris and Adam. Its not so bad, but quite vertical!


We seesioned a few jumps, ate cake, had tea and went to the pub too! All before witnessing possibly the radest jazz band in someones front garden in P-lake. Seriously, one dude was playing an electric bass, sat down and smoking a pipe. Awesome.


Rob late tweaking the hipped jump.

One of the better shots of me riding, cheers Jon. Need to work on the table tops...

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