Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ride it like you stole it

Daryls been out for a long weekend, it's been uber dry for a couple of weeks so the trails were super quick, anyway, picture worth a thousand words............

Trail Gremlin

Magic Trail Dust
Sunlight catching the dust dropping down under the Super Morzine

DSC01834 (Small)
A blur through the trees, possibly due to unbelievable bike speed but could also be slow shutter speed in the woods on the little point and shoot camera, I know which one Jamie thinks it is!

DSC01818 (Small)
Dictionary definition of single track, see this photo,

DSC01829 (Small)
There aren't all that many places in the world you can ride trails like this, Alpine riding at it's absolute best.

DSC01796 (Small)
Sliding through the steep stuff!

The good news is the Champery cable car is open to well into October and being a fair bit fitter after a summer of riding, getting to the top on pedal power alone should be doddle, or not!

This bit didn't make it into the MS post due to Daryls foul mouth!!

Daryl in action clearing the last hip on Panoramique


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