Friday, December 05, 2008


Watch out, 'cos we've revolutionised the look of this here badboy. We are reverting to some kinda basic layout type thingy - it may be long or short term. I'm not in control, Gav is. Basically we can now receive abuse on the comments front. Anyway, we will have a tinker over the next few weeks.


Can't wait to get out to France over New Year to see Chris and Kate and shred up the pow all extreme-like. etc.



Style Slave said...

looks like a great time

Mike Cohen said...

Wise man once say 'sometimes you must go backwards to go forwards'. Or something like that. It's good that we can leave comments - can everyone do it, even commoners?

Style Slave said...

not sure yet mike, i'm gonna have to get my head around it slowly, i'm out of the coding loop so its gonna be a very gradual process. I think you have to log in to post for now, i'll sort all that stuff out, but at least we can now comment!!!!! (3 years too late)