Tuesday, September 16, 2008

T minus 0 we have lift off

The website is up and running baring the odd typo that creeps in, we've still got some bits to add to the site but it's complete enough to be functional. I have downloaded Adobe Contribute which makes editing a bit easier than ringing the web dood up all the time. Any comments pass 'em on!!

Have got 3000 of these here leaflets sitting in the lounge which I might ask the IBFC collective to help distribute. These are beyond editing so if you see any typos keep them to yourselves!

Finally our leaving do is going to be the 18th October at Kate's M+D house in case there's anyone I haven't told, marquee and dancing a go go.

Leaflet front

winter leaflet front featuring 'Slash Dog Jay' and some cheese

Leaflet back

Winter leaflet back featuring some of Daves finest work, Steff and a small child we've named Angus

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