Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Aston Hill DH

Last Sunday we decided it was time to abandon riding up hills and have a day of solid downhill action. Dave, Rich and Daryl met up at Aston Hill to have a dabble on the DH courses and a go on the 4X. There was no messing about and we got straight into the DH3 black run, with the unanimous verdict at the bottom that it was pretty steep and bloomin rooty. Poor old Rich on his hardtail felt the worst of it and even loaded up with 6" at either end, Dave and I were feeling it on our hands half-way down each run. We then had a few runs on the red run where Dave took great delight in hugging the floor (wear your elbow guards next time, fool...), followed by a breather on the 4X where Dave used his crash as an excuse for being lame ;), and I got angry with some youths.....Next time we need some form of lift, cos the 8 or 10 x 20 minute walks back up are a killer!

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