Sunday, December 17, 2006

3,000 miles to go

Banjul Rally send-off 017

An early start for the friends and family of our intrepid Ibrakeforcake rally team as we gathered on an amazing Winters Morning in Hyde Park.

In typical Gav style i had a phone with no charge but had had the foresight before the previous evenings drinks to fourmulate some sort of plan! Off we trotted to Find both Monsieur Lawler and senor branfield looking suprisingly chirpy and excitable as you would be knowing or maybe not knowing what the next three weeks were all about!

In true bodge it style the roof rack was on and strapped down all the essentials our team needs for a challenging 3 week rally...yup a spare wheel and their surfboards! Fear not i did overhear a conversation in which chris reassured someone they were organised and had spares etc...i'm not saying anything, checked you passport this time chris?

So good luck to the chaps, we will be utilising all the latest technologies to keep you all updated of their progress. We wish them safe travels and a superb christmas. I am not quite sure how either of them will cope without the turkey, maybe they have a secret plan? Although looking at them in this photo i'm not convinced! Good Luck Dave and Chris spreading the IBFC name across the lands.

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