Monday, October 30, 2006

We're Back!






Things have been a little quiet of late, not because people havn't been riding/climbing etc, but no-one has taken any pics or bothered to post! Anyway, I was up for a little ride to ease my knee (progress has been excellent so far and I have a surgery referal on Wednesday) back into things and what was originally going to be Mike, Chris and I, turned into a far bigger gathering with Daryl, Jan and Nikki coming up from Pompey and The Posh putting in an appearance too. It was sunny and increadably mild which made up for the rain all last week and although a bit stodgy under wheel, generally pretty good. I was amazed at how unfit I felt after only a month out of action but the others made me feel better with hangovers! Some great trails and a new jump which was absolutely perfect. No pics of that ju,p as my camera decided to run out of juice. AGAIN! but some video which'll find its way on here somehow. Daryl seemed on jumping form, although everyone had it to be fair. Lots of people looked at the Trooper in the carpark, so its officially 'noticable'.

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