Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Paddle Round the Pier 2006

Pictures remain copyright of Sean Clark and paddleroundthepier.com



30 odd Degrees in Brighton, best place to be, in the water. Me and some of the boys from Hove Lagoon, Khi, John boy and Craig, joined in the 2006 paddle round the pier. Just a good excuse to drink beer and listen to bands on a Sunday really all in the name of 'charity mate'. Mr and Mrs Slimboy Fat put in an appearance to get proceedings underway. Pic above is not so high res but we're in there somewhere (left hand side couple rows back from the front). Free beer was obtained thanks to Johnn boy and the magicVIP pass and we spent the rest of the evening on the beach working on hangover potential for Monday morning with the occasional swim thrown in for good luck. See the sharkbait site in our links for more details and a link to ITV local coverage of the whole days events.

Move to Brighton losers

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