Tuesday, February 28, 2006


8'6 89Ltr Naish 4.7m Neil Pryde Expression (ta Stu)

Boy Wonder
260 75Ltr 4.5m Gastra

Wind 18Knots Gusting 20-25 NNE
Temp: Where are my toes degrees cold

Me and the boy wonder headed out to Pevensy Bay, is a bit more easterly facing than Brighton, about the same as the Witterings so wind was pretty much dead cross-shore. 2 other windsurfers and a kite out, Rob got straight back into it saw a couple of nice mast high airs, I took my new kit to play with but having not been out for some time and the fact that the water's piking freezing I'll be taking the 145Ltr AHD out next time till I get rid of the rust and the water warms up. Got a couple of smaller reforms on the inside and got to see what the board was like though. No pics yet but will be acquiring digiacm ASAP for illustrative purposes.


1 comment:

Style*Slave said...

face it lalwer senior, all the kit in the world aint gonna make you any good. you can't polish a t*rd and all that.

Actually thats harsh, fact is i'm too Pu**y to get my butt anywhere near that water this time of year.

and get a digicam so we can see what us landlocked people are missing out on fool!